To blog or not to blog?....................

 The question I am asking myself today, should I continue with this blog or not?

Writing a new blog has been on my to do list for a while now. It was last Autumn when I put my last post on here, and I thought I ought to be keeping up to date. I think that there are two main reasons why I have lost motivation to blog:-

Firstly, the pandemic. This has made writing difficult, my usual glass half full optimism has waned from time to time over the last year. Also the lack of physical art events to get involved with has reduced the amount of news to report on. 

Secondly, Instagram. When I began this blog site, I wasn't a user of Instagram. Now as I use Instagram more and more, I find it quite a useful tool for writing news, ideas etc. instead of the traditional blog format. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will see regular updates on what's happening in my studio etc.

So, where does that leave this blog site? Well, as it costs me nothing except my time, I may as well leave it up for the time being. What do you think? Do you still think blogs are as relevant as they were? Let us know in the comments below.

Despite today's dreary weather, I am feeling a little more optimistic about 2021. It's now over a fortnight since I had my vaccination and it looks like the vaccination programme is already having a real effect on reducing the effects of the virus. All being well, we will soon be seeing galleries and art exhibitions open once more. Indeed I have work ready to be exhibited at Upfront Gallery near Penrith once we open up in April. I will keep you updated on dates and times as I have them. 

I took the opportunity during lockdown to study poetry writing with the Open University. I have very much enjoyed this over the last few months, I will include an example below. My poems go alongside my ongoing series of local landscape paintings.

I continue to teach on Skillshare and YouTube intermittently, having decided not to tie myself to a specific upload schedule in order to concentrate more on my own work. I would highly recommend Skillshare for both tutors and students, I really enjoy being able to see students work and offer feedback.

Whatever your situation at the moment, I hope you are finding the time to enjoy your art. I am sure being absorbed in your own drawing and painting process over the last year has been a tonic to many.

I will try not to leave it as long between blogs from now on and look forward to reporting on events this year.

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