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Print on Demand websites for your Artwork, Redbubble, Printful & Amazon Merch.

Amazon Merch Invitation About three weeks ago, I was surprised to receive an e.mail from Amazon inviting me to join Merch. Surprised, because it was at least two months since I applied and I had almost forgotten about it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Amazon Merch, it is a relatively new addition to Amazon, where the Artist / Designer can upload their T-Shirt designs to be sold directly by Amazon and then receive a royalty for all T-Shirts sold. It is by invitation only, so you need to express your interest via their website and then wait. Once accepted you need to upload your first design within 21 days in order for your account to remain active. I have had a Redbubble account selling my artworks on a variety of products for some time. However I haven't used it in the past to it's full potential. Receiving the Amazon Merch invite has spured me on to tidy up my Redbubble products and add new catergories and artworks.  I have used photoshop to work on