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Making a living online as an Artist working from home

Ways to adapt your Art business whilst self isolating at home Whilst the health and well being of our friends, family and neighbours is foremost in our minds at this time, there is no getting away from the financial implications that self isolating will have on your business.  I would guess that most Artists are self employed and rely on income from teaching and selling their work at exhibitions and art fairs which are now mostly cancelled. Having recently paid fees for upcoming events and all the costs of framing and preparing work, this is arguably the worst time of year for Artists to be facing this challenge. With that in mind, I thought it may be useful to you for me to tell you a few of the ways I make money from my Art online. I will list these in order of revenue, highest to lowest :-  Skillshare This is an online learning platform. Students pay a monthly fee (around £10) to access as many courses as they like. Tutors upload courses broken down into

Basic Cubism - Spring Tulips in watercolour

Cubism Simple Tulip painting for Spring As I write this, the weather is warming and this year's tulips are making an appearance. They are one of my favourite flowers. I love their simple but elegant form, large variety of colour choices and how easy they are to grow! I have painted them several times in the past for YouTube and wanted to create a new Tulip tutorial for beginners in a different style. Looking at the flower shapes, strong stems and large leaves, I thought that they lent themselves to a Cubism style. Cubism began in 1907 with Picasso. Cubists painted their subject by breaking it down into geometric shapes. They approached the same subject from different angles together in one painting, overlapping and using transparent layers. In his early Cubist paintings Picasso used the muted earth tones. In this exercise, I decided to use bright colours. Picasso 1911 Create your own Spring flower painting Step 1  Choose some flowers that have a sim