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Alternative paint mixes to using black.

In my next YouTube video out on Thursday, I talk through why I don't use black paint and the alternatives I mix. I thought it would be useful for you if I wrote those mixes down here. Cally's recommended Art Products I find that black paint on its own can appear very flat and boring. My first tip if you have black you want to use, would be to add a touch of blue to it. My favourite alternative mixes are French Ultramarine with Burnt Sienna or French Ultramarine with Burnt Umber. You can also use Paynes Grey in many cases where you need a dark colour. Dark Greys can be made from all three primary colours, using different combinations of your available reds, blues and yellows. The colours with this are infinite, if you mix one you really like, don't forget to write it down. Finally, a tip for beginners in painting. Don't be too tentative to use very dark mixes. You need to go dark in places to make your highlights "pop".