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Watercolour techniques for beginners, easy petal exercise.

To accompany my YouTube video on this subject, I thought it would be helpful to list the process of this beginners watercolour exercise. Trying out this variety of watercolour techniques will help you get used to working with watercolour and become more familiar with it's properties. Different techniques suit different styles and subjects. Learning which techniques you like best will help you to develop your own style. The accompanying video is linked at the end of this blog. STEP BY STEP:- 1. On a watercolour paper (min 140lb) draw using pencil a very simple flower with 6 petals. 2. Mix three colours, i.e. Permanent Rose, Alizarin crimson and Winsor Violet all the same concentration. Then mix the same three colours with the Rose the weakest concentration, the Alizarin more concentrated and the Violet the thickest concentration. 3. On petal 1 ( number and make notes as you go ), paint the whole petal in the first mix of Rose. Allow to dry completely. Paint over half the p