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Why I favour Ink & Wash

Those of you who follow my YouTube channel will be aware that I enjoy using all media. It's great fun trying out new products and seeing how different products work together. When I first learnt to paint, like many people it was with watercolour. Maybe this is why after flirting with different media, I always come back to my battered old tin of watercolours. I will always continue to try out new things, especially as there are new art products regularly released to discover. In fact I was saddened to learn that Derwent no longer make Artbar, as I have just got into using them and am loving how you can layer them. I also love using Colourcraft Brusho for it's unpredictability and bright colours. When displaying my work at Art fairs and exhibitions, a few times now I have received complimentary comments about my mark making. Many beginners in art lack confidence in their drawing skills, much preferring the process of painting. I believe that when your drawing confidence gr