Water mixable oil paints review

"What's not to like about water mixable oil paints?"

Water mixable oil paints have become increasingly popular over the last few years since their development. Many people used to working with traditional oils remain sceptical, especially as we learn from an early age that "water and oil don't mix"! However, leaving the chemistry aside, these paints definitely do mix with water.

For me, I had two reasons for trying them out. Firstly I have a touch of asthma which I believe was being worsened by the solvents used in traditional oils. Secondly, I invite people into my studio to see my work and didn't like having the permanent smell of solvents around. 

Now I have been using them for some time, I won't be changing back. As well as no toxins and smells, they are relatively mess free as brushes are so easy to clean. I clean my brushes by rinsing them and then leaving them in baby oil overnight before rinsing them again. 

Some people mistakenly believe that these are an alternative to acrylic paints and dry as quickly. They are not at all like acrylics and do still take several weeks / months to dry. They remain workable and have a nicer finish than acrylics. Although you can use them just with water if you like, I like to use linseed oil as a thinner.

Have you tried them yet?

Do you like them?

Tell me what you think below, good or bad!

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