Faber - Castell PITT artist pens review

Trying out Faber Castell Artist Pens for the first time :-

I recently bought the pack of 8 Artist PITT pens in black by Faber Castell. I haven't used them before, so thought I would write a quick review of them.

When they arrived, I decided to use the XS pen to draw this derelict barn.

I enjoyed drawing with this pen, however for size XS, I did expect it to be slightly finer. I will look to see if there is a smaller size. I used the XS for most of this drawing, apart from the shadow inside the barn which was filled in using the soft brush pen. I liked the variety of line achieved with this pen by varying the angle and pressure.

In my second picture I used the soft brush pen to draw an acorn and painted in the colour with watercolour. The pens are both waterproof and lightfast with a very high permanence.

Using this pen was very much like painting with a brush, I was impressed with the softness and the variety of line from this one pen.

Overall I enjoyed using these pens and will definitely use them again. You can see the full review on YouTube.

Have you used them? Did you like them?....comment below.


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