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NEW ink and watercolour beginners course, teaching on Skillshare

Today I uploaded my first online course to Skillshare. I hadn't heard of Skillshare until a couple of weeks ago, when a fellow YouTuber recommended it as a good platform for both learning and teaching. If you haven't heard of Skillshare, it is basically a website full of online courses in a vast array of subjects. It has both a free to view section and a monthly subscription option.  Courses are broken down into short lessons, so each student can work through the course in their own time when it is convenient to them.  This format appealed to me, as I feel it allows for a much more comprehensive and in depth course. However, it has also been quite a lengthy process. Filming, photographing and editing 15 classes for the course is much more involved than filming a single YouTube video. It also has to be said that the Skillshare upload page isn't the greatest, some patience is required for the upload process and you may need to try different browsers! My first course i