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Skier in motion - How to paint in mixed media


Beginners drawing - get over those nerves.

For beginners first starting in drawing and painting, it can be very daunting when faced with objects to draw. However the best way to learn as a beginner is to try to overcome those nerves and dive right into drawing. I firmly believe that the majority of people can draw once they find their confidence.
Start by getting into the habit of sketching every day. Don't be over critical of your own work. You are just practising to improve, not trying to create a masterpiece each day!
Begin with objects that are very simple forms, such as an apple or a drinking mug. Don't think of the object as a whole, break it down into basic lines and shapes. In my video demonstration I show how to build up a wine bottle and glass. Practice these and then build up to more objects, creating a larger still life. If you would like more drawing video demonstrations, do you have any suggestions for subjects? Is there some drawing advice that you would like? Let me know in the comments below and I'l…

How To Draw a WINE BOTTLE - easy beginners tutorial