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Beginning my YouTube channel...

"Starting a YouTube Channel is a steep learning curve..." My YouTube experience – the first few weeks. The first thing to say about my experience so far with YouTube, is that I wish I'd started earlier! There is so much to learn and it has become much more involved and rewarding than I envisaged. Despite joining YouTube a few years ago and uploading a couple of videos last year, I didn't start working on my channel on a weekly basis until late this July. Demonstrating at Cartmel last Summer. With art, you are constantly learning and evolving. I enjoy teaching, because of the exchange of ideas and fulfilment that comes with sharing a passion for your art. I have been surprised at how this is also true online. Talking to people from across the world, discussing ideas, media, subjects and techniques on a daily basis has spurred me on to create more tutorials. I am also enjoying the challenge of editing and uploading videos and of working out

Capturing movement in your artwork.

Enjoy drawing quickly & expressively.  Attempting to capture movement in your artwork is difficult, but much more fun than drawing a static still-life. My favourite subject at the moment is racehorses and I have developed various techniques for creating the illusion of speed. However the best and simplest way is to draw as quickly and expressively as you can. This may mean a few sketches ending up in the bin, but when it works the result will be a dynamic piece of work with your spontaneity showing through on the paper. Drawing should be fun, don't hold yourself back for fear of mistakes, just go for it and enjoy!