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Capturing movement in your artworks with mixed media.

These notes were from a handout of a workshop/demonstration I gave at a local art group.  I thought they may be of use to beginners who would like to "free up" their drawing and painting. Capturing movement in your artworks. Drawing a still life and observational drawing is essential to build skill and confidence. However, I often hear people saying that they would love to “free up” their drawings and paintings and be able to achieve a more impressionistic or semi-abstract style. Impressionists such as Degas worked to capture a moment in time, in an era where there was no such thing as an instant camera. They used sketches, memory and life models to achieve this. As with Degas, they also used techniques such as having figures half in the frame as if captured by a quick camera snap. Today most of us have access to cameras, smart phones and tablets. We have a wealth of images at our fingertips. I have nothing against using photographs for reference providing th