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Beginners watercolour supplies - Getting started with watercolour

As a beginner, it can be overwhelming going into an art supply shop. Art shops are full of such a wide variety of papers, paint colours and different shapes and sizes of brushes that it can be difficult knowing just where to start. In this Thursday's YouTube video, I talk through some of the supplies and colours I recommend for beginners just starting out. Of course, you may wish to tailor this to your own budget and it isn't necessary to buy everything to begin with. Here is the list I compiled for YouTube :- 1. Board, not essential but good to have and you can easily make your own. 2. Masking tape, can be bought from a DIY shop. 3. Watercolour paper - recommended 140lb NOT pressed, either loose or in a pad. 4. HB pencil. 5. Eraser. 6. Brushes - recommended synthetic round size 6 and 12 and a large flat brush. 7. Water pots - 2 x jam jars. 8. Watercolour paint, either student or Artist's quality depending on budget.     Colours - French Ultramarine, Coba

iskn slate 2+ review

For my first blog post of 2018, I decided to review the iskn slate 2+. I was very lucky to receive one as a Christmas gift. I would like to begin by saying Happy New Year and wish you good health and happiness for 2018. iskn slate 2+ Now, the reason I wanted to try the Slate, was that I thought it looked a good way to have your sketches saved directly from your paper to the computer. Normally when I want to put a sketch on social media or print it etc. I spend considerable time waiting for good light for photographing my work and then setting the white balance etc. The slate skips all that need for photographing your sketch and has the added benefit of creating a video of your sketch. Of course you can do this by drawing on a touch screen. However, I have never felt at ease drawing on a screen and the slate lets you have that natural feel of sketching with your own pen or pencil. The slate is the right size for an A5 sketchbook. I do sketch in A5 and it is fine. Ho