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Keeping motivated and assessing priorities.

The last six months have been peculiar in so many ways, with lock-down and continued social distancing affecting all walks of life. After talking to other Artists, it would seem that many have had their inspiration and motivation impacted. Most are saying that their moods and creativity are very "up and down". The normal routes to sell work through exhibitions, galleries and art fairs have been mostly cut off. This combined with the natural worry over the virus itself, will undoubtedly affect people's creativity. As things gradually reopen, hopefully the motivation to create will return. However, should we be learning lessons for the future, reassessing priorities and looking at online opportunities? Many Artists are reluctant to sell online, preferring to continue selling through a traditional gallery. Unfortunately, this left them without any outlet for their work during lock-down. Thankfully, my online sales helped to make up for the lack of offline sales. For me, this