Lock-down Art

So far today, we have had cloudbursts, mini hailstorms, sunshine, wind and calm. Not bad considering that it is only midday. The weather is a roller-coaster today and it very much feels as if we have been on one since the beginning of lock-down. I of course speak of my own experience and realise that we will all be experiencing this time in our own unique ways. Today, I feel exhausted, yesterday I was full of energy, today I feel fearful, yesterday I was full of optimism and so it goes on. 

For the first month, I admit that I created very little work. I simply couldn't settle or make myself switch off the rolling news. However, that all changed once I turned off the news and turned on my music. As we know, once you are absorbed in your painting process, time flies by. I soon realised that I'd been painting all day and had worked through the bizarre daily bulletin. 

I have always worked best when I have a deadline approaching. With cancelled exhibitions and shows, this impetus to work is gone. That is why I find the online art competitions, exhibitions, clubs etc. to be so inspiring at this time. There seems to be new ideas popping up on social media each day. Last week I completed my entry towards  a new initiative for Cumbrian artists (Dreaming through the locking glass "What Cumbrian artists did during lockdown").

Yesterday, I caught up with the new Channel 4 show, Grayson Perry's art club. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you watch it on catch up. The program really inspired me and was both relaxing and full of fun. Grayson is clearly a very warm and humorous person and that comes across brilliantly in the programme. I can't wait for next week's episode.

One of my friends often says in conversation "I had to have a word with myself". I often think of this and need to remind myself daily to "have a word with myself" and get stuck into creating some new work!

Let's turn off the news and turn up the music!


On a slightly different note, I completed this first real attempt at a self portrait on the 5th of March. I had been very unwell with a chest infection for around three weeks. At the time it was considered too early in the time line to be Covid 19. I do now wonder if I did indeed have the virus then??? Food for thought, I would love to be sure.


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