Beginning my YouTube channel...

"Starting a YouTube Channel
is a steep learning curve..."
My YouTube experience – the first few weeks.

The first thing to say about my experience so far with YouTube, is that I wish I'd started earlier! There is so much to learn and it has become much more involved and rewarding than I envisaged.

Despite joining YouTube a few years ago and uploading a couple of videos last year, I didn't start working on my channel on a weekly basis until late this July.

Demonstrating at Cartmel last Summer.

With art, you are constantly learning and evolving. I enjoy teaching, because of the exchange of ideas and fulfilment that comes with sharing a passion for your art. I have been surprised at how this is also true online. Talking to people from across the world, discussing ideas, media, subjects and techniques on a daily basis has spurred me on to create more tutorials.

I am also enjoying the challenge of editing and uploading videos and of working out how my camera and editing software work, (I never read instructions, so this is a learn by my mistakes process).

On the business side of things, trying to second guess Google algorithms and the best SEO is another story altogether. However I have found an abundance of advice from other YouTubers who are happy to share their tips for starting a channel. Taking this advice I have grown my channel much more quickly than I expected.

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, my advice is go for it! Learn as you go along and take advice from other YouTubers. I recommend watching Tim Schmoyer and Roberto Blake amongst others.

Are you thinking about starting your own channel? Or have you just started one? I'd be interested to know how you are finding the process. Are you enjoying it or do you find it hard work? Let me know what you think.

I'll let you know in another few months if I am still finding YouTube as rewarding.


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