Art fairs and trails,..... hard work but worth it!

This week I have been preparing for the Silverdale & Arnside annual Art & Craft Trail. This is one of a handful of fairs, trails, open studios and exhibitions that I enjoy participating in over the Summer months.

I often ask myself, is it worth all the hard work ? As those of you who also exhibit in this way will know, it is definitely hard work. Fretting over new work, worrying that everything is priced and presented well, doubting the quality of your work, deciding how much to take and that's before you load the car!

Then there is the physical work of packing and unpacking the car, lugging heavy items around on hot or rainy days and putting up staging. When that is finally complete and you are pleased that your stand looks passable, you would think you could then relax. But no, after the early morning start and all the rushing around, as soon as you get the time to think you start worrying all over again. Did I leave something at home? Will any visitors arrive? Will they like my work? Will they buy my work?

Then after your first coffee of the day, you finally relax. You chat to fellow stall holders and find they share your worries and hopes. Now if no visitors arrive, at least you know you can share stories and exchange ideas with like minded friends. You catch up with fellow Artists who you haven't seen for twelve months and make new friends too.

Then the visitors begin to arrive. You meet so many enthusiastic people, Children asking questions, amateur artists asking advice, collectors enquiring about your latest work, passers by who popped in on the off chance and are happily surprised and many more besides. Now whether you sell anything or not, you go home with a smile on your face, having spent the day engaging with so many encouraging people.

So to answer my own question, yes it is definitely worth all the hard work.

If you an artist and can relate to this, feel free to comment below. If you are a visitor, bare in mind when walking by the carefully laid out stalls just how much work and worry goes into them. We don't expect you to buy every time, but a smile is always appreciated :)


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